Erik Dalton, Ph.D. Shares a vast background in massage, Rolfing and manipulative Osteopathy. He is one of the foremost educators in the manual therapy industry. Through 30 years in this industry, Erik has worked with and studied the research and techniques of highly regarded leaders such as Ida Rolf, Serge Gracovetsky, Vladimir Janda. He maintains a 28-year full time manual therapy practice.  Putting all that knowledge and practical application together, he developed groundbreaking and effective approaches to holistic management of pain, and created Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques®.  He also founded the Freedom from Pain Institute®, which is devoted to the research and treatment of common pain conditions.

Erik shares his passion for manual therapy in workshops across the country and in Costa Rica. These skill enhancing 3-day Myoskeletal Alignment® workshops offer practicing somatic therapists highly effective techniques for correcting chronic reflex muscle spasms caused by joint blockage.

All Dalton workshops include video, anatomical animation, hands on training, formal certification and massage therapy CE hours.  All 3-day classes provide 24 CE hours and cost $395.  Dalton workshops are approved for continuing education CE hours. AMTA, ABMP, NCBTM, FLORIDA Board of Health and the majority of other licensing agencies.

The Freedom from Pain institute® also offers Home Study Programs. These distance learning massage therapy national accredited courses are designed for the professional, passionate bodyworker. Learn at your own pace, from your home or office.  These professionally produced courses include hundreds of deep tissue, joint mobilization and muscle strengthening techniques. Dalton takes the practitioner into the realm of the interdependent functions of the myofascial, skeletal and nervous systems. Emphasizing that the body is the primary healer, his discussion of sympathetic innervation and the myofascial system is clear and easy to understand.  

The professional quality DVDs feature computer animation, human dissection, with hundreds of photos, illustrations and hands-on techniques.  The DVD sets include beautifully illustrated manuals, client assessment aids and a multiple-choice certification test by mail or online. Each home-study set comes with a free Ethics course.

How does a professional “keep up” with the need for continuing therapist education in today’s competitive market? Read recent testimonials from Myoskeletal trained therapists.  

“Erik Dalton communicated in one of the classes that Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy may be recession proof. I can honestly say that once I put these techniques into application, my practice grew quickly. This is the kind of therapy that really helps people get well.  Our clinic concentrates on medical massage. We have grown our business through referrals from the medical community and client referrals. Our phone keeps ringing….  Thank you Professor Dalton!”  Thomas Hanson, LMP-C. IMP

“It's wonderful that you teach not just the "how to" but the "why" in your classes. I know that therapists truly need to understand the human body and the mechanics of posture to work effectively. The school I attended gave me a great foundation and the methods you teach take it to a whole new level. We all need to make a profit but the real reward in this field is having your client walk in the door, give you a hug and say they are living pain free for the first time in years. I appreciate you for helping make that possible!”  Tina Crowe, LMT

Economic researchers agree that the manual therapy field is the fastest growing of all service industries. Touch therapies such as Myoskeletal Alignment are being recognized the holistic protocol for the aches and pains so affluent in all walks of life. Why? The answer is simple... they work!

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