Dalton Costa Rica Workshop
From November 17th – 24th, renowned osteopath Erik Dalton will be hosting his 13th retreat in San Jose, Costa Rica. Respected worldwide for developing his own pain management methodology called Myoskeletal Alignment, he is inviting one and all to come out and spend the week enjoying the beauty of Costa Rica as he teaches you his world-renowned pain management techniques. In addition to learning techniques from the man himself, all participants will also earn 26 CE credit hours for their time spent in paradise!

The title of this year's trip is "Getting to the Source of Back Pain - A Common Compensatory Pattern Revealed!"  

Back pain always seems to be so mysterious and sometimes it is so challenging to get our clients the relief they are looking for. One thing we do know is these people often come into the office with some typical postural patterns. Are these structural or functional issues, and what exactly is causing the pain: Muscles, Ligaments, Joints, Or fascia?

In this insightful 26 CE presentation you will find out how you can "Get to the Source of Back & Neck Pain," and you will learn three common compensatory patterns that are frequently missed. Together we will explore the fascinating world of compensatory patterns and reflexogenic pain. And in the process you will learn a easy formula for localizing the source of your clientele problems so you can get them out of pain in a hurry.

Once you have developed your visual assessment senses, the trained eye begins to look for "typical, predictable" patterns. For illustration, we look at the body in front of us and say, "prove to me you are not a right motor dominant, show me that you have a nice cross-patterned gait and no forward posture."  If one of these common patterns does not exist, move on to another pattern such as upper or lower crossed syndrome.

Busy therapists need shortcuts and this type of assessment has been extremely helpful to Dr. Dalton in identifying and correcting common back pain conditions.

Hurry and come join Erik and the Dalton gang in Costa Rica before it fills up, find more information and price rates at http://erikdalton.com/daltoncostaricaworkshops/

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